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Study options in Science After Class- X

Choosing a right career option is the most vital decision in everyone's life. Students may go through a dilemma of choosing a career after completing their 10th, 12th or graduation. Most of the students completing their 10th standard are confused about deciding a right career path. Selecting the right course after class X is not an easy task. For a successful career, careful planning and following it up with a workable plan is needed.

Normally, there are three streams Science, Arts and Commerce out of which you can opt one after completing your 10th.

Now, it depends upon your interest that which one you choose. If mathematics and finance interests you, opt for commerce.    

We at Singh Study Circle conduct Career Assessment Test; with the help of this Test you can better judge your personality, ability & aptitude. After test we will also have a one to one career counseling session with the best career counselors of Delhi.

If you are interested in Science, you can pursue engineering, civil aviation, merchant navy, air force, pilot training, medicine, architecture, agriculture, nuclear science, astrology, biotechnology, psychology, etc.

You can also prepare for civil services like IAS, IPS, Foreign Service, Forest Service, Engineering Service, etc.

There are not only these 3 subjects to appear for civil service exams. You can select science or commerce subjects as well.

Apart from these you have many other options like Fashion design, Hotel management, travel & tourism, airhostess training, catering, beauty, dietician, interior designing, sports, athletics, etc. professional and vocational courses.

So, after completing 10th, one should first understand what he wants to achieve and through which medium of education.

Then the student should evaluate his or her aptitude, which gives vivid details as output.

All of these is very important for the student to take his decision and then should working on achieving his goal.

We should not take any decision in a hurry, and the parents should support their child to asses themselves.

The student should have a persistent focus towards his or her goal. Otherwise things can get a little dizzy and might end up full of regrets. Any reluctance at this point might prove fatal.

We recommend you to go with your interest, aptitude, ability, strength and career goals.                                            

Science as a stream is a large umbrella for hundreds of disciplines and it has to be the most popular stream for Indian students who are looking to have a great career. If one wants to be creator of things or design something or want to get into research or medical care, science stream helps in that regard.  If you are able to spare long hours for your studies, then you can opt for various career options after 12th science.


Science students are taught various aspects of the subject through observation, experimentation, theories, hypotheses, research and practical approach in all the fields. There are hundreds of disciplines one can get into after class 12 but in order to get rid of all the confusions, what you need to do is to analyze your interests, personality and aptitude.

Now depending on the streams chosen at 10+2 level, one can opt for undergraduate degree/diploma courses in the field of science. Postgraduate courses can be pursued in science, after graduating in the relevant field. For most of the science courses, entry is through entrance exams. In India, career in science is one of the most sought after option among the young aspirants. One can choose a career in fields like MedicineComputer Science, Defense, Engineering, and Agricultural Science to even Plant Pathology, Evolutionary Biology and Meteorology as specialized fields of study.


Here we list the career options for a student after class 12 exams. It is pre-supposed that most of the courses require entrance exams or very good marks at the 12thboard exams which are discussed in several other sections. We have two separate sections for students with Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry (PCM) combo and for students with Physics, Chemistry and Biology (PCB) combo at the class 12. 


Career Options after 12th Science (PCM):

?         Engineering: Aerospace, Agricultural, Automobile, Biochemical, Bio Medical, Biotechnology, Bio Instrumentation, Bio Informatics, Broad cast technician, Ceramic, Chemical, Civil, Computer, Construction, Electrical, Electronic, Engineer Manager, Environmental, Food, Fire, Industrial, Instrumentation, Leather, Marine, Mechanical, Mining & Metallurgical, Nano technology, Printing, Production, Plastic & polymer, Highway, Rubber, Genetic, Telecommunication, Textile.


?         Architecture

?         Actuarial Science

?         Commercial Pilot

?         Merchant Navy


?         Computer Science: Information Technology/Software/Systems, Application Programmer, Database Administrator, Information Technologist, Medical Transcriptionist, Network Administrator, Software Engineer, System Architect, Technology Manager, Web Developer, Multimedia Designer.


?         Hardware: Hardware Design And Development Engineer, Design and Development of Computer Hardware, Design And Development of Customized Microprocessor, Design and development of networking hardware, Service Maintenance Engineers/technician.


?         Defense Services: Indian Navy Officer, Indian Air Force Officer.


?         Physical Science: Chemist, Mathematician, Astronomy, Forensic Science, Geographer, Geologist, Nuclear Physicist, Oceanography, Operation Research, Astrophysicist, Physicist, Statistician.


?         Environmental Science

?         Astronomy

?         Electronics

?         Career Options after 12th Science (PCB):


?         Medicine: General Physician/Doctor - Ophthalmic, Ophthalmic, Gynecology, Dermatology, Orthopedics, Orthopedics, Radiology, Electro logy, Endocrinology, Cardiology, Plastic Surgeon, General Surgeons, Neuron Surgeons, Pediatrician, Thoracic Surgeons, Trauma Surgeons, Urologist, Sexologist, Gastroenterology, Oncology, Anesthesiology, Psychiatry, ENT/Ear nose Throat Specialist, Pathologist.


?         Homeopathy

?         Ayurvedic

?         Dentist ? Orthodontist.

?         Unani

?         Para medicine: Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy, Audiology, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Prosthetics and Orthotics, Medical Lab Technology ,Optometry and Ophthalmic technology, Nutrition And Dietetics.


?         Allied Fields: EEG technician, Hospital manager/Administrator, Medical lab technologist,  Medicine Technologist, Radiation technology, Pathology technology, Respiratory therapist, Sonographer technician, Operation theatre assistant, Naturopathy, Yoga therapy, Massage therapy, Acupressure, Acupuncture.


?         Veterinary Science

?         Biotechnology


?         Biosciences: Agriculturist, Botanist, Zoologist, Microbiologist, Biologist, Horticulturist, Floriculturist, Environmental Science.


?         Pharmacy- Clinical Research

?         Home Science

?         Bio Medical

?         Bio Chemist

?         Fishery Science

?         Forestry and Wildlife

?         Marine Biology

?         Food Technologist

?         Oceanography

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