10 Things to Keep in Mind While Preparing for JEE

1.       Start preparing well in time: Class 11 is the best suited time to start your preparation for JEE. Since qualifying you JEE exam right after class 12th is important to not let a year get waste

2.       Start from the basics: Before you pick up any new reference book for preparation, make sure you are well versed with the basics. Refer to your class XI and XII NCERT text books for a better and thorough understanding of all the topics as they are considered as the building blocks of the foundation

3.       Revision is another very important factor: Revision helps you in remembering concepts, formulas and short cut tricks for a particular topic. Revision can be done on the daily basis, weekly basis or on fortnightly basis. It also keeps you familiar with the subject as while preparing such a huge syllabus, if you are not revising the chapters regularly then on opening a book after long time; you may feel like ?I am studying this for the first time!? So revision must be done on the regular basis

4.       Create a timetable: Create a timetable which has equal distribution of hours for each subject. In
nutshell, create a systematic and realistic time plan giving enough time to all the topics. Thiswill help you avoid rushed preparation at the last minute

5.       Invest time properly: While preparing for JEE, you should invest proper time in the theory as well as problem solving. Always ensure you solve problems in the limited/stipulated time frame keeping in mind the examination time frame

6.       Practice: ?Practice makes a man perfect? is a very old saying and the saying is perfect for the preparation of IIT JEE preparation. Moreover practice will help you in understanding the level of questions in IIT JEE and also in identifying the difference between the questions of JEE Main& JEE Advanced

7.        Try Try till you succeed: Ignore the habit of leaving the question half; remember half knowledge is always wrong. Try to solve the question at least five times even if you do not get the right answer before referring to the solutions right away


8.       Do not lose confidence: Any student can crack IIT JEE. You need not to be extraordinary to get in the IITs. What you actually need is the confidence that you can do it. For gaining confidence you can watch the interviews of topper?s, you can discuss any such issue with your parents or with your teachers and after that you can start your studies with more confidence and enthusiasm

9.       Do not overstress: You may feel frustrated or stressed during such a long period of preparation but they should never forget their dream as the stress or frustration can stop them from realizing their dreams. Release your stress by taking a break from the studies (not very long) and doing some outdoor sport activities or the activities of their interest

10.     Do not Sleep less: It is also considered that the students can study more by sleeping less. In reality it is a very wrong practice, if a candidate is sleeping less than 6 hours then actually he or she is heading towards a very bad health and an overstressed mind. These side effects of less sleep will hamper the studies of the candidate very badly, so try to sleep at least 6 hours a day so that you and your mind also get time to relax

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