Medical (XI , XII , XIIPass & Crash Course)

Medical XII Pass

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    Divyansu Pandey +
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    Mar 21, 2017
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    1 Year


Dropper  Batch for NEET/AIIMS  & other Med. Ent. Exams


   This course is designed for students who have passed XII class and wanted to join NEET/AIIMS. This course will thoroughly prepare students for NEET/AIIMS Regular Test are conducted, Doubt Removal Session are arranged. Short Cut Technique to attempt questions in minimum time are explained. Concept based questions are discussed in classes. Special emphasis is given to knowledge based questions.

  1. The coaching will be provided in all the 3 subjects i.e. Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
  2. The study material in all subjects will be given to the students.
  3. The result of the each test is available online / sent through SMS to the parents every month.


Test Series & Question Bank


  Students of this course can join Singh Test Series in the month of March, exams (free of cost). Our expert faculty prepares these tests.


    NEET Question Bank : In this package, students are provided more than 3700 questions framed topic wise on NEET pattern.

    AIIMS Question Bank : In this package, students are provided more than 2900 questions framed topic wise on AIIMS pattern.



Achiever Student Special Classes



 Top ranking students in Singh?s Test Series are given special classes to upgrade their rank in Entrance Exams.


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