Medical (XI , XII , XIIPass & Crash Course)

Medical XII Studying

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    Mar 21, 2017
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CBSE CUM (NEET/AIIMS) Other Med. Ent. Exams


Other Med. Ent. Exams


Eligibility Criteria: Grade in XI Class Examination or through Screening Test

Commencement: March / April or June / July

This course builds foundation of all students who aspire for Medical as a career. It also builds a strong foundation of class XII school Exams.

This particular course is designed in such a way that the student should make success at both ends i.e. XII board & Entrance Examination with comfort. This program suits best to those students who are extremely smart worker and can adjust up well with both school studies and Entrance preparations. The Students of class XII are rigorously trained and taught CBSE Board syllabus along with Entrance Techniques. Till the month of September the syllabus is thoroughly covered. In the month of October onwards, Class XI syllabus is taken into consideration because of its importance in regard to Entrance Examination. In the month of January, class XII Board syllabus is once again revised. Aspirants for this Course are allowed to Participate in Test cum Discussion Series on complementary basis.

Test Series & Question Bank:

Students of this course can join Singh?s Test Series in the month of March, after their board exams (free of cost).These tests are prepared by our expert faculty .

    NEET/AIIMS Question Bank: In this package, students are provided more than 4700 questions framed topic wise on NEET/AIIMS pattern.

    Admission cum Scholarship Test: Institute conducts admission cum Scholarship Test. Students is given up to 50% scholarship in Course Fee.

      AIIMS Special Classes & GK Book: During classes, all students will be given the practice of questions as asked in AIIMS. In the tests, wherever required, question on   AIIMS pattern will be included to give them practice for AIIMS. G.K. book will be given to the students to prepare them well for AIIMS.

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