SSC Franchise

The growth in education industry is rising at a rapid rate with the increase in population and more and more awareness regarding educating a child. This service sector industry is beneficial to provide fruitful results to the current and the upcoming generation by making them skilled enough to earn handsome living benefits and also to secure the future.
Talking about the trusted and one of the reliable brands of education, then Singh Study Circle serves as the pioneer brand that provides quality education to number of students in a well-establishedinfrastructure and under the supervision of highly qualified faculty. The institute at all centers provides quality and creative standard of educational coaching specially related to Medical, Engineering and for other entrance exams.

Strong Attributes of Singh Study Circle

  1.    Holding a strong and pioneer position in education sector since last 32 years.
  2.    Providing state of the architecture and soothing classroom environment for study along with high tech teaching facilities inside.
  3.   Teaching faculty is highly productive to become torchbearers for students and help them to excel in their performance and results.
  4.   Highly competitive and updated study material is being used here to teach students in order to best prepare for examinations covering all sorts of chapters.
  5.   Sheer disciplined is being maintained at classroom lectures to study with complete concentration.
  6.   Test papers are created out of updated study and exam pattern.

Values of Singh Study Circle
In addition to provide number of advantages to students at all centers in Singh Study Circle, we also follow some strict set of values in order to provide highest level of coaching to students:

  1.   Reputed name at marketplace to provide quality set of coaching
  2.   Stick to its philosophy of having a will power to bring a change
  3.   Enormous number of qualified students come out of SSC
  4.   Updated study material is being taught
  5.   Highly experienced and skilled set of faculty.

Benefits of Studying at Singh Study Circle

  1.  Singh Study Circle let you learn perfect set of skills under the guidance of professional and highly trusted teachers.
  2.  In order to provide quality level of education to students, Singh Study Circle features product, services and study curriculum in an updated manner.
  3.  We have a team of skilled and professional entrepreneurs who work each other closely and share mutual relationship with each other for the company?s growth.
  4.  We follow strategic plan and guidelines for running the existing centers and also at times of opening new ones.
  5.  The hiring process of our faculty consists of a rigorous test, multiple levels of interviews, live teaching session along with sound training schedule in order to pick the best for our students.

See the Future Ahead with SSC    

Since last 32 years, Singh StudyCircle has continued to prove its existence as pioneer coaching institute that imparts highest level of quality education to students. The organizations helps you strive to achieve your dreams and optimum results in future. We can be your helpful guide and torchbearers to get excelled in studies and acquire perfect result out of your comfort zone.
Work with us, if you have the desire and this hunger to grow more in life and ready to come out of your comfort zone to set a new benchmark for other individuals. We always believe in change and fully welcome far sighted professionals to join the team of SSC and starting watching the same vision of growth ahead in the future.