Working at Singh Study Circle can be lifetime experience for a professional person who actually believes in giving the best to the company. Getting maximum out of your potential not just for company?s good but also for your professional growth is what we believe to strive with our employees. Our superior staff always hunt for a well-skilled and well learned staff who can truly understand the ins and outs of the organization and can be the highly committed professional for the company.
Being at a Right Place and at a Right Time
Every organization has to through some problem face during difficult times and so do with Singh Study Circle. But, the emphasis is not about problem, it is about solving the issues and that is what our in-house employees do it perfectly. This is what we strive to find in new set of employees who can a real problem solver and decision maker. One should have the right skilled set to understand the inner as well as outer issues of the organization and take necessary steps to solve it and totally eliminate it. For new recruits, pro-active approach is another quality we look forward to. The person employed in Singh Study Circle should share his/her ideas for the betterment of the organization and can also led the same with other team members to execute it.

Organization Environment
Inside atmosphere of Singh Study Circle is fully corporate and highly professional. We maintain the standard of complete professionalism inside along with staff as well as with students. Here, one can witness the fully fledged schedule, state of the infrastructure and highly committed team members that can assist you in building your career in a right direction.

Following are some of the qualities we are looking in our employees:

  1.    Highly Committed
  2.    Honest
  3.    Loyal to the company
  4.    Team player
  5.    Problem solving nature
  6.    Pro-active approach
  7.    Leadership