Revision Blaster For XII Pass (NEET/AIIMS)

Course Name

Revision Blaster For XII Pass (NEET/AIIMS)

Starting From

1st  week of October / 1st week of November

Continues Upto


Classes Schedule

5 days a week


Direct  Admission


Class XII passed students

                                                                         COURSE DESCRIPTION

This course emphasis on syllabus of NEET/AIIMS. The revision of all the sections of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology is carried through regular practice sessions.

The course is divided into:

Academic Session-: The syllabus of XI & XII class is covered from the point of NEET/AIIMS. Extra assignments are given. Regular tests are conducted on Examination pattern. Entire course of NEET/AIIMS is Revised by 8th March, and students are given time to clear their doubts. Students are trained to attempt questions to secure 100% marks.
Practice Questionnaire -:
1:   Revision Blaster Questionnaire in all subjects will be given to the students. It covers all important questions on different chapters.

Test Series-:
1:   Very Similar Test Series is conducted to train students how to write answers properly. Students learn Short Cut Tricks,Time  Management and get trained.
2:   The result of each test shall be available online / sent through SMS to the parents.
3:   After the completion of class NEET/AIIMS, a special revision Test Series is conducted to further revise & strengthen fundamentals

Performance Based Advantage

The performance of students in tests conducted by the Institute  will be assessed  and based on their performance. Top Ranking students are given special training to improve %age. Top ranking students will be given some extra Revision Classes & Tests.

Benefits of SSC's  Revision Blaster For XII Pass (NEET/AIIMS)  

1.  NEET/AIIMS Level  exercises and assignments
2.  Optimum utilization of time available
3.  An opportunity to compete with like-minded students, so as to inculcate habit of focused study culture, thereby enhancing knowledge for exams and getting higher Ranks

Course Highlights    

1.  Exhaustive classroom coverage, expertly developed study material and a series of practice exercises with different types of questions to give the student a complete exposure of the concepts
2.  Unit-Wise Tests , Part-Wise Test and Mock Test (Full Syllabus)
3.  The practice exercises and Micro assignments are provided during the course and are thoroughly discussed in the class to identify shortcomings and solve them.

Fee :  Rs 35,000/-