Pre Engineering Entrance Test

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  • 24 . May . 2016
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Name a field and you will find an engineering degree for the same. Yes! It is that vast a field. Healthcare, agriculture, entertainment etc. Engineering is just not a career; it is a way of the life. Some common fields include aerospace engineering, Agriculture and Bio-system, Computer engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, biomedical engineering, industrial engineering, nuclear engineering, petroleum engineering. Out of such a vast consumption, only 7% of engineers are employable. The reason is most of the students don't pay attention to the college they enter in and to distinguish between successful and unsuccessful engineering. So care must be taken in the selection of a college. These colleges enroll on the basis of competitive exams which are hard to crack in the first place. Singh Study Circle is the premium Institute which deals with IIT JEE coaching, JEE advanced coaching, BITSTAT coaching, SRMJRRR coaching, VITEEE coaching. To forge a successful engineering career, a student needs to be well prepared in tough and multi-disciplinary problems. The ability to apply the concepts learned to constantly develop innovative things and find solutions to complex problems are main factors .our modules are comprehensive to give the space and scope to think and innovate, to question and come up with solutions. We have free IITJEE papers and disciplined modules for each section.

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