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Succeeding in exams is well presented with good scores and high set of percentage that can only be obtained with sheer hard work and continuous practice. We at Singh Study Circle, take good care of thing for students to score well in exams only after giving several tests here that fully sharpen their skill and knowledge. Mere learning of subject wise chapters is not enough, unless and until you practice the same by solving questions. In addition, attempting all the questions in a minimum set of time is also necessary to get good scores in exams.

To follow the process of stringent practice and full concentration over study concepts, we follow thorough test series here at Singh Study Circle. Such kind of tests are Topic Wise Test, Part Test and Mock Test. These tests have been conducted to improve the overall speed and accuracy of students to attempt all the exam questions with right answer and in a hassle free manner.

Topic Wise Test

Topic west test as the name implies is conducted at SSC in order to check the skill of students in relation to a particular said topics. Taking this step allow our faculty to check whether students have sound knowledge related to already mentioned topics. In case, if they do not perform well in such tests, then one to one session is conducted to work on the weak areas and motivating them to sharpen their concepts and attempt the test one more time.

Part Test

This test include more one than one chapter to further check the skills of students. Including more than chapter after taking topic wise test is to check their weak areas and whether they have worked upon it or not.


Mock Test

Mock test is like overall revision of the full syllabus covered in a year. This is the main test for the students before the exam to check their strong areas and weak points. Problems are solved, doubts are cleared and further sessions are conducted after the result of this exam in order to fill the loopholes.